Netflix and Spotify in South Africa

If you enjoy streaming music and movies online then you probably already know that a lot of the greatest content is not available in South Africa. Services like American Netflix and Spotify are blocked if you are trying to access them from South Africa. This makes me sad. Never fear, there is a solution and we’ll share it with you.

Netflix South Africa

Unblock Netflix South Africa

So Netflix have finally launched in South Africa but they only offer a very small portion of the content that they make available in America and other countries. It is possible to unblock access to their entire library of content by using the solution from Smart DNS Proxy. They make it seem that you are actually accessing Netflix from the USA . When their servers are fooled in this way they will then allow you to see all of the content that folks in the USA get access to instead of Netflix South Africa.

The process to set this up is pretty straightforward. Just check out their setup instructions and make the necessary changes to your DNS settings. If you have trouble with this then contact their technical guys who are very responsive.

Spotify South Africa

Unblock Spotify South Africa

The solution to unblock Spotify in South Africa is very similar to the solution for Netflix but with a twist. Smart DNS offer free VPN’s as part of their subscription. Follow their instructions and setup a VPN connection to one of their servers in the United States. Once you’ve done this you can download the Spotify application. If you’re connected to the VPN you will now be able to use the app to listen to your very own version of Spotify South Africa. Heck, you could have Spotify India if you want to!


Don’t settle for using only the services that are currently available in South Africa. It’s worth the effort to understand the solutions above so that you can get American Netflix in South Africa as well as Spotify. Maybe one day they will offer their full services here but until then it’s best to use this solution to unblock access in South Africa.